Saturday, May 23, 2009

Repo Swap

For my most excellent lady acidtrix I got to do some costume pieces and 'inspired by' pieces for our swap, which may I add I was the recipient of an AMAZING Zydrate hand made sterling silver necklace & Repo Opera ring. She also made me a kick ass Pavi painting in my favorite colors and sent all kinds of lovely little presents on account of my birthday that weekend:) Best presents ever!

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I designed spats based on Blind Mag's chrommaggia outfit, feathers included :) The base design is sewn out of faux leather and lined with cotton broadcloth.
I designed a Zydrate inspired purse using metallic blue spandex and backed it with pellon (its a very thick fusible lining that is AMAZING for purses and a good alternative to buckram because it is a little more flexible). The upper portion of the front (the twist top) and the skull are made with a thin textured faux leather which surprisingly wasn't very difficult to sew.

On the back side of the purse I picked up a thick synthetic leather and then everything was lined with black cotton.
Acidtrix was also working on putting together her fantastic Amber Sweet Zydrate costume for the next Repo event so I helped her out and made her the cage skirt. It's modelled after the Catherine Coatney that Paris wears in the scene, all elastic with silver d-rings and garter straps.

This is her wearing everything at a Repo screening! Her costume turned out amazing and her boyfriend is dressed as Pavi here, they made his costume including his kick ass mask they made from scratch!
I also made her a set of GENECO luggage tags that I designed as well. I had to illustrate the logo and artwork from a low res image because there weren't any available for download that I was happy with. I'm a stickler for details!

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