Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Long Awaited Epic Blog Post of Jurassic Park on the Silver Stage! Pt. 1 - Raptors

This year I was privileged enough to be the costume designer for a massive and amazing undertaking during Toronto's 2009 Fringe Week! Alex Woodside, the director (and later christened as Trannysaurus Rex) decided that there could be no better shadow cast than one of JURASSIC PARK! I did something like 25 costumes in a month and a half, it was extremely exhausting but I had the time of my life. Everyone that worked on the show is extremely talented and just good people in general:)

Alex, Brian and I were interviewed on CBC radio Canada Day which was pretty cool. We got a great article in Eye Weekly about the various shows:

The lovely Jen Houston on She Does the City did a kick ass article on our show:

Our talented Brian Dunn, who played Dr. Alan Grant, did a video show all about the production and interviewed various cast members:

Every night was sold out or over capacity and the audience participation was phenomenal! Tan Pants! And now, on to the costumes:D

Kim and Sam were our sexy VELOCIRAPTORS!
I designed each of them a set of hand screened head, gloves and spats. The heads had an elastic band running through the bottom of the back hood to keep it a little more secure while the girls were doing their tangos and molest-killing various victims on stage!

Along with the bodysuits I designed a dominatrix type elastic harness vest that attached under the bust with suspender clasps!
Here are some live shots of the Raptors, including the lovely Elke who was our sexy burlesque hatching raptor! I made her an 'egg' that was a spandex case that vecroed up the front so she could open it up during her routine! I also made her a pair of undies with the JP logo on the bum:)

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