Friday, January 04, 2013

C.A. Cupid - Monster High Cosplay

All Photo Credits: TM 2013 SMASHWORKS. All Rights Reserved.

C.A. Cupid is one of my favorite new characters from Monster High. The first time I saw an image of her I fell in love, I mean she's got a split RIB CAGE for her wings... That is seriously bad a** :D Her style is lovely and distinctive, I especially love the black dripping ink pattern coming down on the waist of her skirt.

I started working on this costume in January 2012 and it took me a few months to get all my patterns done, the supplies collected, construction, and finally putting everything together. I premiered it at San Diego Comic-Con 2012 and was very happy with how it all turned out (and that nothing got destroyed to the point of no repair on the plane ride there!).

digitally illustrated the textile patterns on the bottom of the skirt and the stockings using reference images that the few lucky people who had this doll when it first came out were nice enough to post online (this was back in January/February 2012). This was actually one of the first times I attempted to silk screen a pattern. It was very stressful, particularly because there are two colors on the repeating heart pattern of the skirt that intertwine with one another! I also dip dyed the bottom of the skirt fabric pink but due to the type of fabric I used (upcycled peau de soi) it did not take too well to the fabric and ended up going lighter more than I hoped. I felt that was better than making it bright fuchsia though :)

I created the head band, sculpted the earrings and ring, transformed vintage ballroom gloves with a butcher's paper stencil and screen ink, drafted and sewed the skirt and corset from scratch, created the arm guard, screened the stockings, broke down a pair of shoes and sculpted the footwear embellishments, and created the wings. I don't have detail shots of the accessories right now but I will try to photograph them to post them soon.
All Photo Credits: TM 2013 SMASHWORKS. All Rights Reserved.
Below is a picture of me posing with the C.A. Cupid doll at the Monster High booth at SDCC 2012 which MH featured on their Tumblr. I got to meet the amazing team behind MH and was blown away by how lovely they all were :) It was the first time I ever saw the doll in person too! I also got to chat with Erin Fitzgerald, the awesome voice actress of C.A. Cupid who was totally adorable. She actually does six of the characters on the show and during the Monster High panel it was hilarious to hear her and the other actress switch so easily between their character voices and "normal" voices. The panel was amazing, I could not have been happier with all my MH experiences at this years con. I had a blast cosplaying C.A. Cupid and can't wait to see what other outfits MH designs for her!
Above two images are property of Monster High / Mattel
Hopefully I can win the grand ticket battle for SDCC 2013 and make the journey again. I'm pretty sure I know who I'm going to be working on next ;)

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