Friday, September 11, 2009

The Long Awaited Epic Blog Post of Jurassic Park on the Silver Stage! Pt. 5 - Main Characters

We had an exceptional cast with a variety of characters to play. I stayed true enough to the costumes in the film in order for the audience to be able to recognize which characters they were looking at but added interesting little details or accessories to make them a little more unique!

Tim 'Timmy' and Alexis 'Lex' Murphy as played by Shaggy and Nadia:
Timmy costume had a denim button down short-sleeved shirt, a striped jersey t-shirt, khaki short, knee high socks and of course, rainbow suspenders! He carried around a giant illustrated childrens dinosaur book and had an elmo backpack that held the really awesome 'night vision' googles Chris, our excellent prop/set designer designed. Over the breast pocket of the denim shirt I designed and made a nametag specially for Timmy..

Lex's costume in the movie was pretty simple so I went with a little more punk style, made her striped armbands and had a sideways navy baseball cap. I thought it would also be fun to add something interesting to her tanktop so I put Raptor Jesus on it! Yay!

Some shots of them in the live show. Lex's shirt is wet due to the erotic Long-Neck sneezing scene:
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Dr. Alan Grant and Dr. Ellie Sattler as played by Brian and Emily:

Dr. Grant's costume included a dark denim button down shirt, khaki pants that were rolled up quite high, a red bandana and a rattan type hat. Instead of having a Raptor claw on his person as seen in the movie, we opted for a large purple dildo! In order for Grant to easily carry this around, I invented a dildo holster called "The Cockster" which his belt threaded through and allowed the dildo to hang from his waist.

Dr. Sattler's costume included a coral 3/4 length sleeve shirt, khaki shorts, a blue tank top and a canvas safari hat.

Some live shots from the show:

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