Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Long Awaited Epic Blog Post of Jurassic Park on the Silver Stage! Pt. 6 - Main Characters

Initially we expected a guy to act as Robert Muldoon in the shadow cast. But as soon as we laid eyes on Rae, 'Sexy Muldoon' was created on the spot. On top of being an extremely hot ginger, she used the increasingly large weapons we provided her with ease and acrobatic flair that would shame ol' Rob. Her costume consisted of a khaki button down short sleeve shirt, matching shorts, a bush hat and knee high socks. I made a leather harness from scratch for her to wear instead of the typical canvas vest. It was the first time I worked with leather but I had a substantial stockpile here so I decided to give it a try! And from the looks of things, I pulled it off:)
Some live shots:

Denis Nedry and Robert 'Bloodsucker' Gennaro as played by Charlie and Trevor!

Nedry's costume included the token garish Hawaiian shirt, khaki pants and a white tee. Charlie also included knee-pads under his pants because he practically smashed his knee caps open during some of the first rehearsals!
Some live shots:
Gennaro's character as the 'bloodsucking lawyer' character could only be punctuated by some snazzy sock garters that I made from scratch and tailoring his pants to short shorts. On top of that, Trevor had a genuine Jurassic Park tie from when the movie actually came out!
Some live shots:

And last but not least John Hammond, Ray Arnold, and Dr. Ian Malcolm as played by Kris, Jeff and Nigel!

Hammond's costume had a detailed button down shirt, light khaki pants, and a straw fedora. Alex Hurter of the Repo! Shadow Cats constructed a kick ass bamboo cane with a glowing amber orb on top for Hammond to wield as well.
Some live shots:
Ray Arnold had an official Jurassic Park labcoat as seen in my earlier post as well as a tee that I screened a fake tie with a snake on it (in lieu of Sam Jackson's character in Snakes on a Plane) and pocket protector. I don't have any good shots of it but you can check out Jeff totally rocking the part and smoking throughout his performace in the shots below. 'Hold on to your butts!'
And we can't forgot the epic and erotic stylings of the proclaimed 'Rockstar' Dr. Ian Malcolm. He spent most of the performance shirtless and writhing around on stage..

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