Thursday, May 21, 2009

American McGee's Alice Costume

Finally, I have had time to start photographing my backlog of design projects! This was my American McGee's Alice costume design from FALL '08. For the event, I'd also done really nasty slashed wrists that I had stitched back up and they looked realistic enough to make people gag, including Kat who knows my F/X capabilities well enough:) lol

The purse I did not make but bought in Manchester when we were backpacking and giddly skipped around for days revelling in it's pure awesomeness. lol The horseshoe pendant I moulded out of polymer clay using lt grey and black with a bit of a sheen to it.

I pondered the problem of the bow closure and my ability to actually get the pinafore over my body and decided the best possible solution would be an inconspicuous velcro side closure. It worked out very well!
For undergarments, I made a lace edged crinoline from a vintage nightgown and then drafted and made a pair of matching bloomers! I love bloomers. Perhaps I should be adding a bloomer revolution to my spat revolution lol Below is a picture of the bloomers only:)
These are the wounds from the costume debut! Not a great picture but you can see the detail I put on them. The second picture is what they looked like after the long night and the fun process of removing them. They held up pretty well really considering I made them only for single use..

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