Friday, May 22, 2009

Harley Quinn Inspired Burlesque Outfit

This was for a Burlesque Swap for the lovely Sarahpanda inspired by the lovely villianess Harley Quinn:D I photographed them on myself before sending them off. I desinged a shiny pvc fascinator with satin box ruffled trim which I made by hand.. Because I am insane. lol The diamonds were sewn down with contrast stitching. The spats were sewn the same way.
The gun purse is made out of faux leather and padded to make it more three dimensional. There is a smallish zipper compartment on the back of the gun and a small loop on the mouth that the change purse can be clipped on to! I imagine it would be kind of annoying to have it on there the whole time lol The change purse has a velcro closure and the *bang* part I cut out by hand in shiny pvc and stitched down.

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