Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Toronto Underground Cinema's Tales From the Underground

This was a project I was involved with back in July 2010. The Boys at Toronto Underground Cinema decided to create a three short films for Edgar Wright's The Wright Stuff which happened the first weekend of August 2010. For those of you that don't know what that is, Edgar frequently programs series of film screenings in various theatres around North America and the UK, films that have inspired him throughout his life. TUC hosted his latest Toronto event which was in honor of his newest film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World being released that same week.
I was the costume designer for this project which was so much fun! The second film was particularly costume intensive and the one  I spent all my time on. Part 2 was inspired by the 1980's film Flash Gordon, one that I love particularly because of the campy costumes and character design :) I was hoping to get some detailed construction shots but unfortunately that hasn't happened yet so I'm posting some shots the boys took on set!

For Alex's costume I was inspired by Prince Vultan, who was the prince of the bird-like Hawkmen in the film. I created a leather breastplate with shoulder guards and matching leather bracers. I don't have a shot of the back but there were two buckled straps going from the shoulders that created a harness with two horizontal buckled straps across the back. Additionally, I got a set of baby black angel wings that tied to the back harness and a viking hat.
Photo Credit: TM 2010 Toronto Underground Cinema. All Rights Reserved.
Evil Emperor Dark Nigellus was kept in the theme of Flash Gordon's villain, Emperor Ming the Merciless. I created a long hooded cloak from red satin and Nigel accessorized with copious amounts of eyeliner and faux facial hair! 
Photo Credit: TM 2010 Toronto Underground Cinema. All Rights Reserved.
The love interest in this mini-epic was Belinda played by Christine. I was inspired by Ming's daughter in the film, Princess Aura and her memorable gold costume. This costume was all about the bling so I picked up some vintage antique white lace with beading/sequins and repurposed it for the bra portion of the costume. I created gold beaded/sequined shoulder pads that had loops to attach them to the bra strap which I also added gold trim to. The skirt was a wrap with a thick gold elastic band (that was a really big pain to find!) and an interlocking metal buckle. I also picked up some strands of clear seed beads for a necklace and a Celtic knot elastic headband.  
Photo Credit: TM 2010 Toronto Underground Cinema. All Rights Reserved.
The last costume was for Charlie and inspired by Flash Gordon himself. I created a t-shirt from scratch, adding the contrasting red arm and sleeve ribbing. I then screened the FLASH logo on the chest and the lightning bold on the back. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of it but you can check it out in the film below! :) 

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