Monday, January 31, 2011

Archived - Toronto Fan Expo 2009

This has been long overdue because I was hoping to have done a shoot with the ladies to post here but I figured it was about time! At Toronto Fan Expo 2009 I designed 7 Merlotte's waitress costumes, of True Blood fame, for me and the ladies! I styled myself as Sookie Stackhouse, bites and all :) We also had a guy with us who was styled after Sam Merlotte!

I made all the aprons from scratch modelling them directly off the style worn in the show. I also created iron-on decals with the logo and applied them to each t-shirt our group members provided me with. For my own costume I converted a pair of pants into short shorts and also picked up a pair of white canvas sneakers like Sookie wears in the TV show.
Photo Credits Above: TM 2011 SMASHWORKS. All Rights Reserved.

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