Monday, August 22, 2011

A Pupae Twin Purse - The Venture Bros.

For a LONG time now I've been working on a costume for Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, one of the totally epic characters from The Venture Bros. I think I ordered the yellow wet look spandex around three years ago and just haven't had the time to actually start until this past christmas! Well the costume is about 90% done with just the final wig styling to finish and I knew I needed a purse to go with the costume (as per usual). There was no other option than to do a Pupae Twin (Murderous Moppet)! Vinyl and PVC with 4 d-rings in the back so I can wear it as a backpack or as a side purse :) Super happy with how this turned out! Hopefully I'll be able to do the other Pupae Twin some time.
Photo Credit: TM 2011 SMASHWORKS. All Rights Reserved. 

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  1. My daughter and her boyfriend were Mighty Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend for halloween last October. His Mom made his costume (wings and all) and I made her Dr. Girlfriend costume. They were just perfect.