Wednesday, August 17, 2011

TOS Star Trek Tricorder Purse

Last year for Fan Expo I created 5 Star Trek - The Original Series skants for my lovely cosplay group of ladies! Inspired by my design adventures of converting 2D objects to 3D and vice versa, I decided to convert the Tricorder worn in the show into a "flat" purse!
Made from vinyl, holographic spandex, rivets and random materials for the embellishment details. The hardest part of this was screening the silver details on the vinyl. The paint didn't particularly like the vinyl and the butcher's paper I was using to make the outlines was not adhering properly or creating the seal with the fabric! Whewf. In the end it all worked out though :) So happy with this creation!
Photo Credit: TM 2011 SMASHWORKS. All Rights Reserved. 

Out take from shoot below! Pictures to follow of full costume :)
Photo Credit: Mert Demir TM 2011 SMASHWORKS. All Rights Reserved. 

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