Friday, November 04, 2011

Toronto Zombie Walk 2011 - Baywatch Zombies

For Toronto Zombie Walk 2011 I finally got to execute a concept that I had envisioned over two years ago! Last year I had to miss doing the zombie walk because of my new insane grad school workload but this year I was having none of it. Baywatch and zombies seem like the perfect combination to me so I was dying (harhar) to do a mash-up for the walk. The garments were all modified and distressed for the costume and I made the patches myself. All the makeup and prosthetics I did from scratch! The best part was that we did the slow motion Baywatch run zombie style, it was great to hear people cracking up as we passed them on the street :) There are a ton of photos online of us but I'm only posting three!
Oh yes, and we made it on to BlogTO! :)

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