Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Doctor Who Inspired Travel Wallet

I've been a fan of Doctor Who since before the 2005 series started. I love it! I started making a travel wallet and decided to do it in a DW theme :) Everything was stenciled using butcher's paper that I cut out by hand. I even did an Adipose print on the inside! There are a ton of pockets, some clear, and also a zippered pouch that runs along the entire inside of the wallet. Follow the link below to see the back and inside!

Photo Credit: TM 2012 SMASHWORKS. All Rights Reserved. 


  1. This. Is. Amazing. I love it!! Great job.

  2. This is beyond adorable!!! I loove it!

  3. I love this wallet!!

    I have just been given a Liebster Blog Award and thought I would pass on the love to you, as you make some of the coolest projects! Check out my blog for more info on the award :)

    Andi xx

  4. Wow! Thanks Andi :D I am checking out your post on it now :)