Saturday, March 17, 2012

Junko Mizuno Inspired Burlesque Corset

Junko Mizuno, an amazing Japanese artist I love, opened her second solo Canadian gallery show "Venus Cake : Junko Mizuno's Food Obsession" last night! Not only was she there in person, there was also a burlesque show after party featuring Raimi the Minx and the Underground Peepshow in which all the performers were themed after her beautiful artwork! I was lucky enough to have a hand in creating one of the costumes for Peepshow's Sevvy Skellington inspired by Junko's "Fire bird" which you can check out here

All the patterns and graphics on the corset were digitally illustrated by me based directly on Junko's piece. After that I silk screened the flowers on the fabric for the side and back panels and screened the animals. For the animals also the grey shading by hand. I think it turned out pretty amazing and it looked beautiful on Sevvy! I hope to have some photos of her wearing the costume up here soon :) Junko herself complimented the corset to me which was the icing on the cake! *squee*

Follow the link below to see the back of the corset and a close-up of the graphics!

Photo Credit: TM 2012 SMASHWORKS. All Rights Reserved. 

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