Thursday, July 19, 2012

SDCC 2012 Cosplay Preview

What a crazy week and a half! I attended San Diego Comic-Con for the second time last week and was able to actually cosplay this year. I designed and constructed some of the most technically difficult costumes I have made to date which was challenging but also very gratifying. I wasn't entirely done when I flew out so there was some extra gluing and sewing in the hotel room but everything worked out great! My three costumes were:
Thursday - Home Ick Frankie Stein cosplay, Monster High
Friday - C.A. Cupid cosplay, Monster High
Saturday - Duela Dent cosplay, Ame-Comi

Many amazing things happened at SDCC this year, one of which is I was interviewed by Vanity Fair which is HERE.

I hope to do photoshoots of these costumes and show all the details very soon!

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