Sunday, February 23, 2014

Back to the Future - Marty McFly Doll

A new project to show! I recently created a set of Back to the Future art dolls for a friend - Marty McFly, which I'll talk a bit about here, and Doc Brown, which I will do a separate post on later.

I've never sewn a doll before (since I was double-digits at least) so I thought this would be an interesting challenge. Working in miniature in a different kind of process, that is for sure! The outfit I chose to do Marty in was his iconic puffy vest, plaid, and denim combo. Classic!

Marty's main theatrical outfit includes a both denim jeans and denim jacket. Denim was going to be too thick for the pieces here so I went with linen from my stash for both, and an upcycled cotton plaid for his "shirt." His eyes are a combination of painted circles done with butcher's paper, and a french knot. Brows, nose, and mouth were all done with embroidery stitches.

His puffy vest I created using twill and Poly-Fill for the puffiness factor (mind you, it couldn't be too puffy or it wouldn't stay wrapped around the body properly!). 
I couldn't overlook his sneakers, they are an iconic element of the outfit as well! Sewing the small Nike check wasn't going to work so I decided to make a butcher's paper check icon and paint the marks manually with red fabric paint.
I'll be doing a post on my Doc Brown doll later! Be prepared for crazy hair :)

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