Sunday, March 02, 2014

Back to the Future - Doc Brown Doll

My last post was about my recent Back to the Future art doll project, specifically the Marty McFly doll I made! This doll was actually one of a set, the second being of the iconic Dr. Emmett Lathrop "Doc" Brown.
Doc Brown is a hilarious character and I figured his hair would be a fabulous way to infuse some silliness in the doll. I used a wool blend yarn and unspun it, making sure to get it fluffy so it would look more realistic. His face was done in the same way as Marty, eye marks painted on, french knots for the whites, and then embroidery stitches for the brows, nose, and mouth.

The outfit I chose to make for him was the radiation suit that is so recognizable. Made out of white twill, I used butcher's paper to create the orange marks and the symbol on his back. The gloves I created out of yellow wet look spandex, which was not the most fun to sew this small with but worked out :)
I decided to make a few of his accessories so his chest pocket wouldn't look empty! He has a yellow card inside the pocket and a type of time card that is clipped to the front, which I created by hand. He also has pens or markers in his pocket which were an interesting process to make! To make a pen, I cut off the swabs of a Q-tip and then trimming the rolled paper handle until it was the desired pen height. I painted this with acrylic paint. Once it was dried, I created a pen clip out of a paper clip that I had clipped to the correct size and worked one end down inside the Q-tip so it was deep enough.
I think they both turned out pretty good! Definitely an interesting project, I think I'd like to try my hand at dolls again some time :)

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