Sunday, January 17, 2010

Halloween 2009 - Vampira & Absinthe/Green Faerie

Long awaited Halloween costume post! I unfortunately only have full costume photographs of my second costume, The Green Faerie, or Absinthe Faerie. My first costume was Vampira, cult goddess and horror movie host from the 50s! I got a corset made specifically to use with this costume and although it was insanely late on delivery, it thankfully fit and worked with the dress I made.
Vampira Costume

For the Absinthe Faery I used green powder over the entirety of my exposed skin which took quite some time as I had different shades for contouring. I didn't want to make myself look completely flat, especially on the contours of my face. Additionally, I had elf ears which were somewhat a pain because it turns out they are quite impossible to do the initial adhering by yourself. This is a two person job! Luckily I got some help last minute for which I was very grateful.

The dress was actually two separate dresses, the top layer made of a two-toned voile that I frayed around the edges. The under dress was made of green satin.

I was extremely excited about making the wings! Instead of doing the typical wings with straps, I decided to experiment with a version that was strapless. It stays on with a reinforced circle of metal wire that slides between your bra band and your center back. It was amazing! I was worried it might not stay in there but it didn't come out once. And I also had the ease of just plucking it out from my back when I was navigating through extremely busy areas.

The wings themselves were made of green tinted cellophane. After cutting out the wing shapes I wanted, I took two different gauges of wire and made veins running through them, using the largest pieces to adhere them to the circle base. Then, I ironed the top and bottom wing pieces together and to finish, repeated ironing with a textured piece of fabric on top so they would have a discreet pattern across them.

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